Smash Your New Year’s Running Resolutions With These Expert Tips

There’s an old joke about new year’s resolutions that goes something like this: “A new year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.”

Research has shown that less than 10% of people manage to keep their new year’s resolutions. We’re not sure what’s more surprising—that so few people manage to achieve their goals, or that there’s actually been a real study on the topic.

Regardless of what other people are doing, your story can be different this year. Perhaps you’ve laid out some running goals for yourself already, or you’re just now beginning to think about them. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a few ways you can make sure you’re a member of those proud few who do meet their goals.

Let’s dig in with a deceptively simple (yet highly effective) way to get started:

Know Thyself: Get a Free Gait Analysis Test

Gait analysis is the study of human locomotion. Or, in English, it’s a test that gives you useful information about the way that you walk and run. We offer them completely free of charge at Runners Roost, no strings attached. Check out the short video below where our manager Corey explains what it’s all about:

The huge benefit of getting a gait analysis test is that you’ll be able to discover how you pronate, or how you move your feet side to side. A normal gait usually involves the foot rolling in a small amount with each step, however, this normal range of pronation can be quite different from person to person.

Knowing your specific, unique degree of pronation can have a profound effect on the type and style of shoe that’s going to serve you best. When you have shoes that match your pronation, you can avoid plenty of undesirable things like runners knee, planters fasciitis (inflammation of the heel tissue), shin splints, or lower back pain.

Learn more about our free gait analysis here, or just swing by the store!

Colorado free running eventsTry Different Kinds of Running Styles & Environments – Goodbye, Comfort Zone!

One of the most effective ways to improve the results of your training sessions is to start switching things up. When you do the same kind of run every time, you’re more likely to plateau. Plus, variety is the spice of life, right?

Let’s look at three different styles of running you can add to your training rotation:

  • Long runs, especially for marathon training
  • Tempo runs
  • Speed interval runs

Long runs are comfortably paced runs lasting anywhere from five to fifteen miles; this style of running is excellent for increasing your aerobic ability and confidence.

Tempo runs are fast-paced runs which should be difficult but not uncomfortable. These kinds of runs are good for improving your endurance and cardiovascular health, and tend to enhance metabolism as well.

Speed interval runs are essentially sprints mixed with your regular running speed. Warm up by running regularly until you feel loose, then sprint for a minute or two. Slow down to rest, then sprint again. This kind of high intensity training has been shown to be very beneficial.

As for running environments, try switching those up too. For instance, if you’re usually a road runner, try doing a few trail runs or vice versa.

Trail running is a completely different animal—typically, you’ll find yourself much more focused on what’s in front of you, since you need to dodge rocks, branches, and so on. You’ll also find that raw earth is a softer surface than pavement, which makes your footfalls have less spring.

These factors lead to a slower pace than you likely enjoy on pavement, but it’s an awesome experience and can teach you a lot (after all, if you can run through the woods, a clear and open road seems a lot less intimidating).

“Social Running” Has More Benefits Than You’d Think

Social running, either in a group or with a “running buddy,” has a lot of benefits outside of simple companionship. Most runners find that they’re more motivated when running with others and can often run farther more easily. Conversation is likely a large part of this, but some friendly competition can give you a nice boost as well.

Furthermore, the sense of community gained when you run with others can be very rewarding. Racing together, cheering on your friends, and pushing your limits together is what makes the Colorado running community one of the best in the world.

Make sure to keep an eye on our events calendar and get social this year!

how to start running in ColoradoGet the Right Equipment… And Actually Use it!

The phrase “Oh, I don’t want to mess up my shoes” should be eliminated from your vocabulary. When you invest in high quality gear like shoes, athletic wear, or a bicycle or wetsuit if you’re into triathlons, you’re investing in yourself—and that stuff is meant to be used, so don’t deny yourself a new experience just because you don’t want to get a little dirty.

Keep in mind that high end gear is going to last a lot longer than the stuff you’d get as a kid off the sale rack at a budget shoe store. It’s designed to take a real beating before needing to be replaced.

A real quick way to conquer this fear is to participate in one of Colorado’s many mud runs.

Accomplish These Goals & More With Runners Roost Fort Collins

At Runners Roost Fort Collins, we carry one of the most complete lines of running and fitness shoes and so much more, including gear, nutrition, and accessories—everything you need to conquer 2019 and make it your most successful year yet. Our expert staff is here to help you smash all your goals this year!

Remember, you can always come in for a free gait analysis test or, if you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to give us a ring at (970) 224-9114. We can’t wait to serve you.

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