Top Single Track Trail Picks Within 15 Minutes From Runners Roost Fort Collins

If you haven’t been yet, Runners Roost Fort Collins is about five minutes away from the university down College Avenue at the Square Shopping Center. For many local runners it serves as a hub of activity, with regular events and a weekly run club. Runners will also find everything they need, from high end running shoes to must-have accessories.

Let’s check out some of the best trails within 15 minutes from Runners Roost and CSU:

Reservoir Ridge: Brilliant Views at This Remote-Feeling & Uncrowded Series of Trails

Conveniently located in the north part of town, Reservoir Ridge features a nearly-10-mile trail in a remote, wild setting where runners can appreciate views of Fort Collins amid the Horsetooth Reservoir. A series of trails provide runners with the option of enjoying a quick outing or going for long runs great for endurance training.

Directions: Parking on Centennial Drive / CR 23, the west end of Michaud Lane, or at approximately 1425 Overland Trail Road.

Pineridge Natural Area: A Mostly Flat Surface Loop for Easy Cardio Workouts

On the south part of town, runners can find access to the Pineridge Natural Area and a nice, mostly-flat surface loop that sports a handful of ups and downs great for a low-intensity cardio workout. Runners have flexibility in their run duration here too, since Pineridge connects to the very popular Maxwell trail nearby.

Directions: Main parking lot at Country Road 42C, about a mile south of Hughes Stadium.

Lory State Park: The Perfect Loop for Beginners or Experts Alike

Whether you’re just starting to run or you’ve been a fanatic for years, the sanctuary-like Lory State Park features 26 miles worth of trails that rarely exceed a 12% grade—that’s nice and flat. However, runners who want to get in some serious cardio can take a connecting path to the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space where they’ll find a 2,000 foot climb up to the Horsetooth Landmark.

Directions: Office and parking located at 708 N Co Rd 25G, Bellvue, CO 80512.

Willing to Travel a Bit Further? Check Out This Bonus Area: Soapstone Prairie Natural Area

About an hour north of Fort Collins is the Soapstone Prairie Natural Area, which features beautifully smooth, rolling trails within a massive expanse of protected grasslands. Best of all, it’s very uncrowded—during the week you aren’t likely to see many other people, though you might spot a few roaming bison.

Directions: Entrance station at 22998 Rawhide Flats Rd, Wellington, CO 80549.

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