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Runners Roost takes pride in carrying one of the most complete lines of running and fitness shoes, apparel, gear, nutrition and accessories.  If we don’t have what you need in store, we can usually order it within the week.  See the list of brands we carry below or feel free to give us a call to see if we have the item you need, it will be on the hold shelf waiting for you when you come in!

Our FREE Gait Analysis!

The gait analysis test we use at Runners Roost goes beyond simply finding a shoe based on size or color. After a quick walk or run on our treadmill, we use software to determine how your foot impacts the surface. With this information, we can recommend shoes that pair both the activity and your unique needs.

Roost Customers are Talking!

Good shoes that match your foot type really do make a world of a difference! I know where I will be going to get my next pair! Thanks, Runners Roost!!!

I was very impressed with the RR staff and their attention to detail in recommending shoe options for my wife who has had a bad ankle injury for quite some time.


Outstanding first experience at Runner’s Roost. I recently got back to running after a 25 year hiatus and required some new shoes because of foot/ankle pain. Cory was extremely helpful and knowledgeable!

We bought local at Runner’s Roost and had full service and professional knowledge from Cory. Right shoes make for a comfortable life!
Went to Runner’s Roost last night. Katie was AMAZING! So helpful, patient and nice. Great experience!!!!!

They helped me out right away and catered to my needs for work shoes even though I’m not a runner. Took the time to listen and even found me what I needed on sale.

Very friendly staff. Katie is Awesome. No pressure, had the right equipment. Very very helpful.

This is a solid shop, they have special ordered shoes for me and transferred sizes and colors for other locations. They support the local running scene and generally cheerful folks.


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