How to Move On from Injury

Keeping your spirits up when you’re injured is the toughest part of being an athlete. A Sports Injury is an athlete’s worst nightmare. What could be worse than something that keeps you off your feet and away from your beloved training sessions? While the physical aspects of injury are rough, the mental aspects can be [...]

Flow State 101

Have you ever been on a run with several miles to go, zone out for a bit, then take a peek at your watch and see you’re only a half mile from home? Or maybe you’re out on a ride, feeling the sun on your back, the wind on your face and suddenly you’re pulling [...]

Winter Running for Newbies

So you’ve graduated from the treadmill and are ready to brave the snow-covered streets at long last, but what should you expect from your winter jaunts? Whether you’ve taken a break from winter running and forgotten what it’s like out there, or if you’re trying it out for the first time, here’s what you can [...]

How Intelligent Strength Training Skyrockets Your Performance on the Track

The research suggesting that a strategic, deliberate approach to strength training improves running performance is overwhelming. Let’s look at a couple of quick examples. Three groups in this study were pitted against one another. One group performed endurance (running) training only, another did strength training only, and one group did both strength training and running. [...]

The Fragile Ironman – For the Athlete

The Fragile Ironman - For the Athlete Blog contributed by Runners Roost Race Team Member and looong time friend and supporter - Craig Depperschmidt - I am a fragile Ironman. While I completed 3 Ironman triathlons (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) in the span of 14 months – 2 in [...]

The Top Ten Ways to Train for Faster Racing

The Top Ten Ways to Train for Faster Racing Blog contributed by Jon Sinclair, Anaerobic Management. 10 ways to train smartly for your next race. Run more and expand your aerobic base - By slowly adding miles to your training program you will increase your aerobic base and develop more strength. Periodize your training - Develop good, [...]